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Proven Value Differentiation – Quality with Integrity

There are already too many IT events delivering too little value to all concerned – and usually only to the benefit of the organiser.

Over 4 years, SE-Corp have proven to deliver quality outcomes to >500 top Australian CIOs and >150 global sponsoring Strategic Partners (including IBM,, CA Technologies, NEC, Amazon, VMware, Citrix, Telstra) – backed by the event industry’s most advanced Application and Intelligent matchmaking strategy to create meaningful conversations and outcomes.

View here over 60 video testimonials from CIOs and Strategic Partners who place CIO Strategy Summits above all other industry events for a return on time and investment.

Our unique approach is built on a deep understanding of technology, CIO leadership and strategic drivers and challenges, and a demand driven model that allows only qualified delegates and aligned strategic partners to attend the Summits. Then our unique software creates individual digital itineraries for every attendee to choose their own Summit path – all accessible onsite via the SE-Corp Event App – rated by Samsung’s regional VP as the best they had seen.

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